Madden Rewards for Madden Mobile Players


Madden Mobile 17, the American football game is a video game brought in by EA Sports especialy for young gamers who like to play football but who do not have the opportunity to play football in real life. This game is all about playing the game and earning rewards and taking up challenges. The rewards are generally paid in terms of card packs, elite players, high rated players and coins. You can get these rewards for free and for an unlimited quantity using madden mobile hack apk.

 Earning Coins and Packs

Madden Coins are the most important resources that are earned from playing Madden Mobile game. When the player plays Season Mode, Head to Head matches and while playing Live Matches he plays to get coins and win sets as well as to lead a winning team that can chase any opponent out of the set. He can also get many resources by paying with real cash. Madden Cash can be got from the Store by tapping the real currency cost button. Once you complete the purchase, your Madden Cash amount will increase accordingly. The Store also sells various items such as Player Packs and Bundles. New items offered in the store will also be featured. The Bundles contain special toppers of good value. When sets are completed you can earn Special Items that are worth a lot. You can also earn players. When you go to the Sets, the Categories show which can be easily played and won, you can also use it to view other sets. On completion of sets you can get the reward immediately by tapping on Claim or get them later when you tap on Open Later.

Earning Friends

You can also socialize with your friends from the neighborhood or from Facebook by playing with them. When you tap Friends icon, you can view games that are in progress, view games that have been completed as well as to view new games. This is a good social feature of the game that has made it more interesting.

Earning Legends and High Rated Players

Choose players carefully. This can also be done through buying Pro Packs. There is no necessity to buy players at the Auction House. Building a good team slowly but steadily helps you to develop a god team. As you climb each tier, you get additional fans as bonus which is essential when you play Head to Head matches. Elite players can be earned through playing live events. You can also get pro pack by which you can earn elite players who are useful to get the team to win. When you play Leagues, you can play along with other top players and other leagues. You get awards such as packs and players for your wins. While playing Seasons, you can also get Spontaneous Challenges by which you can earn cards that can be used in the game. With Legacy live event you can play with teams from the previous season of Madden Mobile. Legends in Madden Mobile 15 were termed as Mobile Masters while in Madden Mobile 16; they were termed as ‘Ultimate Legends’.