Clash royale- Real time online multiplayer game

clash royale guide

The clash royale is a most famous competitive multiplayer strategy game on the internet. This game is fully based on the Super cell’s blockbuster game known as clash of clans. If you are familiar with clash of clans, you can easily understand the clash royale game whereas the procedure of game play is quite similar to both. Once you start playing this game, you will see a lot of well known clash of clan heroes from the barbarian to the giant. One of the major differences between the clash royale and the clash of clans is simplicity, but you don’t worry about creating and expanding your own city.

To win this game, you must have to distribute all your heroes in the best possible ways. All you have to do is to place all the heroes strategically on your map in order to remove any enemy towers. This game also allows you to defend against the incoming attacks. The ultimate goal of royale clash is to destroy the king’s tower in the central turret. In the outside combat, you can also earn more rewards that you have already received on this game to unlock the extras such as unlocking new heroes, leveling up characters and also get currencies to buy many more extras.

Excellent features of clash royale game

The clash royale is a real time strategy game on mobile platforms. It has launched with several exciting features, which become perfectly suited to play on all mobile phones such as android, iOS and tablets and many more. The clash royale game has received a lot of rewards such as casual and super dedicated play and also has a lot of fun. If you really want to enjoy this game, you start playing it on your mobile and enjoy the following excellent features that include:

  • Build your ultimate battle deck to defeat your opponents
  • Duel players from all parts of the world in real-time and take their trophies
  • Destroy the tower of opponent and win crowns to get epic Crown chests
  • Earn chests to unlock rewards and collect strong new cards and upgrade the existing ones
  • Progress via the multiple arenas all the way to the top
  • Challenge your clan mates for a fight
  • Form a clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
  • Learn more fighting techniques to play the game.
  • Construct and upgrade your army with the help of buying coins and gems on game store.

Enjoy playing clash royale on your mobile

Whenever you decide to play the clash royale game, first you need to get sufficient amount of resources such as gems, coins, etc. To collect these resources, you can use clash royale hack that helps you generate coins within a matter of minutes. You should also refer the useful tips and strategies for playing this awesome game on your own mobile phones and it will be helpful for new starts to play the game effectively.